Came WE to play…

First cry to shut eye
At play, “Connecting the dots
Shaping Destiny

Beginning to end
Fitting pieces as we go
Breathing, in “Jigsaws”

A “Mortal Kombat”
With no flawless victories
…then we fade to dust


Its about “PUZZLES” @dVersepoets 🙂 … Hope this piece isn’t too puzzling 😉


8 comments on “Came WE to play…

  1. ha. SUB ZERO! smiles…havent played Mortal Kombat in ages….breathing in jigsaws….yep, at times…smiles…an there are no flawless victories, that is for sure…good to see you ma’am

    • O no Penny, Its not this blog 😀

      … I actually tried changing it for the 3rd time not too long ago but I realised that this scheme is sooo me. Plus the picture in the back ground is mine… The world of FestivalKing is mine 😀

      You can check out my other blog though …. Sadly you never saw the old look but I still hope you like this one and enjoy what you read there 🙂

      Cheers! 🙂

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