My Mom in 2012

Yep! Its that time again when a girl’s got to rant about her mother! … Yes, Yes! She’s still my Roomie!

This time however its pretty different… I have matured you see…. NO, I’m not a parent just yet, but I HAVE become more patient and understanding towards most situations…. In other words, I’ve developed a thick skin ;). Its been a year since my post, “My Mommie; My Roomie!” where I shared the ordeal of  experiencing my Mama at close range. Today I have decided to give an update on the progress of our cohabitation… ENJOY!!!! 😀

Life After Papa:Mama and Papa

I guess we’ve had to adjust when it comes to mother, daughter misunderstandings. I must tell you that it was quite a bumpy road we were on initially… I distinctly remember a shoe flying across the room during one of our bouts :D. In my father’s absence my baby brother has had to take on the role of buffer, husband and even Pops :D… You should see when my mom and I have the poor fella settling issues. Its in those moments I realise how alike he is with my late old man :). He never takes a side; he just goes silent and has this silly gaze like he’s been walking the Cannabis field, and I can bet in those moments he’s thinking “Do I look like freaking King Solomon to you ladies?!” :|. Papa however, being the diplomat that he was in his later years, always offered some sort of advice in the end.

So you would think my brother isn’t much of a buffer right? WRONG!… That unnerving silence  of his can be SO annoying, that soon mama and I tend to forget our differences and turn on him.  Its helped to reduce the incidents to a minimum because we figure that we will only get aggravated in the end… Talk about a strategy, know! 😉

… But it hasn’t been all about quelling fights.

In the past one year I have also come to see a side of my mother that I admire and makes me proud to be her daughter on a daily :)… In spite of her loss she is still that strong woman she’s always been known to be. Papa’s death didn’t break her the way I had feared it would. She took ill for a little bit but the battle axe bounced right back to health thank God! :). Naturally she misses her husband dearly and talks about him EVER CHANCE SHE GETS! Yet she’s managed to take the gap he made in that big, “Mary Poppin’s bag” like heart of her’s and fill it with love for the new and old people in her life…. Papa wasn’t her world, she was his… 🙂

She’s out of town for about a month  starting next week, leaving ME to be a big girl all by myself…. NOT! She would never do that to any of her babies! ;)… I envisage Momsie doing all she can to keep close even when 2 continents away… She recently got a Blackberry and of course she’s expecting ALL her off-spring to be on her list once the Messenger App.’s been activated…. Why that never happened long before this planned trip I will never know. Thank GOODNESS she’s not on Facebook right! 😐

She gets under my skin once in a while that’s for sure, but I just have to love her for the innocently comical and loving mother she is. PLUS, I ALWAYS remind myself how someday it will be my turn to be pretty annoying and so I’m taking it easy on the old lady 😉

There are two side to every coin…. My Mom sure is a SHINY ONE! 🙂

… love you Mama 😉


7 comments on “My Mom in 2012

  1. That your hot Mama, better take it easy with her. Like you said, you’ll be a mom one day so you’ll get to understand. Until then, please leave that fine woman alone.

  2. Beautiful picture, you’ll be in that feet pretty soon and you’ll know how she feels, I’m glad you guys are best of friends, same with me and my mom! Now, I can’t wait to get her advice on my kids…

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