For my Dear Papa… The late Mr Kadiri Patrick Otaru Snr.

Dearest Papa,

To me you did not die, God took you and that will always be my comfort.
Our relationship was a complete one. You were my father, my teacher, and in your later years you became my friend and adviser. I loved you; I feared you and as I got older that fear became respect.
Papa, I am more than privileged to have been your daughter. If life were to start all over again for me I would still want to be of your seed, and Mama’s as well.
Thank you for dancing with me when you did; for all my childhood pictures; for lessons you taught me about life….. I could go on and on Papa but thank you most of all for appreciating us, your family.
I will always hold you close to my heart and listen for your voice each time your son, Kadiri Junior speaks. 



9 comments on “For my Dear Papa… The late Mr Kadiri Patrick Otaru Snr.

  1. Awww! Is that you in the picture? you look so cute and your dad so dashing!! I love your connection with him, had tears in my eyes as I write this now but don’t worry dear, you have the best from him, his heart beat in yours!!

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