To Women dealing with Alopecia…

To whom this may concern,

This is just to let you know that you are not alone in the battle against “Alopecia” of any kind. My first experience of major hair loss was in 2007, I have been a victim of “Alopecia areata” ever since. Can’t say its been easy.  I initially  had to battle with a self-esteem problem.

It was one thing when I finally decided to own up to the problem and totally shave my hair
off in late 2008, but making a topic of the issue and writing about it REALLY made the difference.

In “An Ode to My Hair” , which I wrote in early 2011, I was able to make fun of myself for the first time, while simultaneously educating people on what it was that had brought me to the point of my shaven head.

I just recently made some more noise about this hair of mine, Its more on the positive side though. The growth of my hair seems to be improving and so I have written “Hey Alopecia Sister!” as a sort of celebration (lol!).

I am aware that these posts have been and will be viewed, but what I do hope is for some Alopecia Sister to actually see these posts, and be left with a smile across her face.
… you are not alone.


2 comments on “To Women dealing with Alopecia…

  1. Hello, I represent a Clinic at Sao Paulo, Brazil. The information you shared here will help us when working with a patient. Medical issues, sometimes, can be hard to know when a patient describes it or even when talking with a professional. Information like that always help to keep us updated. Thanks and Best Regards.

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