“Spirits of the Dead”

Edgar Allan Poe Rrrocks! …. Thanks for this Silla 🙂


My Forte, Your Attraction…? (dVerse)

Are you aware of me?
Are you aware of the skin of me
r its content, of body or of soul?

Would you rather look or listen?
How do you perceive me
in audio or vision?

What is it about me that strikes you,
is it the fast spoken sentences that run
like water off my tongue?
Do they make sense to you,
are my opinion appreciated?
Or do you just love my tongue?
Do you prefer to watch lush lips as they make

shape at the O’s and accent of every word?
… please don’t stare too long.

Do you like the sound of my giggly laughter?
Does it fill you heart with glee?
speak sincerely
Or is it just the look on my face,
to watch as my bosom heaves at every chuckle?
My head falling back showing my neck
and in that instance your mind and body debate.

What draws you to me, what lures you?
I pray my looks do not overpower my loudity,
Allow it not deceive you,
Hear me and fall in love with me
not my voice alone but the content of me, let
them touch you so whether in lust or in love
should you ever walk away you leave with
me in my verse- Here I will stay forever
perhaps not in your heart but alive in your head…

Miserable Condition

Life without love is insanity!
Go to a prostitute and FEEL something,
In your bed, cradle her faded affection.
Come morning –  A life without love,
Sinful and Immoral….

I got my material from a book called “POX” written by Deborah Hayden. In the chosen Chapter and Paragraph, she takes a look a the life of Vincent van Gogh– quoting him on matters of the heart amongst other things.

Today’s dVersePoets’ prompt has us rearranging texts  from any literary source into a poetic form – Dadaist Poetry.

Feel free to join in! 🙂

Poetry in disguise…

Love Song For A Vampire by Annie Lennox– (Lyrics)

Come into these arms again
and lay your body down
The rhythm of this trembling heart
is beating like a drum
It beats for you, it bleeds for you
it knows not how it sounds
For it is the drum of drums
it is the song of songs

Once I had the rarest rose
that ever deemed to bloom
Cruel winter chilled the bud
and stole my flower too soon
Oh loneliness, Oh hopelessness
to search the ends of time
For there is in all the world
no greater love than mine.

Love o love o …. still falls the rain
Love o love o …. still falls the night
Love o love o …. damned forever

Let me be the only one
to keep you from the cold
Now the floor of heaven is laid
the stars are bright as gold
They shine for you, they shine for you
they burn for all to see
…Come into these arms again
and set this spirit free

I turned on the media player of my computer this morning and this was the first song to greet me. Just in case you didn’t know, its the theme song to Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 film adaptation “Dracula”.
Call me weird but its still one of my best songs EVER! Take a moment to read through the lyrics of the song and you’ll soon realize,  its not just  music… its poetry.
Enjoy your day! 🙂

Meet Scott!

Its time once again to introduce another fabulous Blogger on wordpress.com 🙂

Meet Scott Michell and with him the love of his life, Wéndollyn.  ===========> 


Reading his Poetry blog “Evoking the Deep“, you are pulled into the world of an otter romantic, but then if you are fortunate enough to chats with this amazing character you find that you were right! This very interesting North American OOoozes romance! 😛 😀 To me he is also very comical, a free thinker and pretty much a spiritual kind of guy, however I think this time I will leave it to my featured guest to tell us a little about himself 🙂

Scott Mitchell:

I can’t think of a lot to say about me except that I grew up in a small town and lived there all my life. Childhood was filled with daily adventure seeking with friends. I had a few moments when I felt my romantic and writing side come out, but I bottled it back up shortly after each time. Until 4 years ago, that is and I began spilling out every thought and feeling into poetry. Then, I was fortunate to become friends with Wéndollyn and I made the plan for my first visit to her country with the one goal of meeting her. The visit went very well and we quickly became more than friends (for more about this romantic tale just click! 😉 “Unfamiliar Passage: Back to the Start“). She has filled my life with inspiration and love ever since. She’s supportive of my passions such as writing and photography and we are compatible in every way I can think of. We’re both very serious people, but have our immature moments together as well. One time in Cartagena we had fun on a sidewalk near the beach. Whenever someone was approaching she would keep her back to them and start shouting at me. Then she would swing her hand at my face and I clapped my hands and jerked my face to the side to give the appearance of her slapping my face. Then, we would grab each other and passionately start kissing as the pedestrians looked at us in amazement and confusion. That’s one example of our shared craziness. We also both consider ourselves very serious Christian and our daily conversations almost always include topics of our faith. We talk on the phone or with webcams as much as 3 hours every day and continue surviving the LDR, but we really want to end this distance soon.

 My next visit is in July and there could be some surprises that I’ll publish on “Unfamiliar Passage.”

I work in IT for an automotive manufacturer and I support CAD (computer aided design) systems for all of our North and South American locations as well as Japan.

I can’t tell you I have a favorite piece Scott’s poetry (“Evoking the Deep“) because all his poems are “ON POINT!“, but I will say that the following was the very first piece that got me to click the “follow” button on his blog and I have never looked back since then! 🙂


Grinning as you sip your tea
near an ocean of blue
Anticipating dusk with me
knowing all I crave is you

The music is starting
like a warriors drum
My heart is thrashing
my reservations numb

Your lips of an angel
eyes beaming fire
Feel me approach
my muse, my desire

An anticipated predator
I’ll drink every ounce
No resistance given
yet a scream when I pounce

I’ll give you my all
nothing to fear
With each withdrawal
as you pull me near

I’ll eat your heart
and remove your pains
Now I’ll always be part
like blood in your veins

You can still feel my bite
in the peaceful morning sun
We cut an oath in the night
you’re my goddess of love

– Scottula

WAY TO GO SCOTT!!!!… Not only are you a Wonderful blogger and individual, you are also a FRIEND 🙂

Cheers! 😉

I miss you

I miss the emotion I carried while you were here
I miss the laughter and I miss the tears,
I miss the worry and the fear
I miss the love that we both shared.

I miss our brawls and reconciliations
I miss how loving you took patience
I remember how annoying you could be!
I would give anything to have you now unnerving me

I miss every mood that tied me to you
I miss the bad ones, but more the good
Your absence leaves me feeling like I have been run through
And how deep the gash you made, you will never have a clue

….I miss you, I miss you, I miss you

©2012 Festivalking

from the World Wide Web


These blank pages lay empty,
I yearn to fill them with love, hate, joy or melancholy
But expression weighs thin, while desire to fill each page burns feverishly within.
My voice is trapped within fear’s cage,
I am as an unsure artist, paralyzed as I take the stage.
These sheets are naked,
I yearn to clothe them with my emotion,
to bathe them in “self” with each stroke of ink
and bear my soul’s devotion; to let my heart speak.
But I am hunted by barren imagination born of caution’s defeat.
Like a rain cloud, I am pregnant with word,
but the fear to birth them keeps a voice unheard.
…Anxiety seems to stifle this song bird.
I sought approval from an unseen audience,
I suppressed “true self ” and lost “true vision”
Bringing death to many expressions from fear of rejection,
This, the cause of a long-ass intermission.
From fear’s cage I now break free,
I seek my voice’s redemption; my Immortality….
Throwing caution to the wind I allow these words unwind.
No longer will I let the audience my words define
For these sheets, these pages… they are not their space, they are mine…
©2012 Festivalking


Hi guys! 🙂
I am SO sorry for the long silence, but I think this piece explains why I sort of went into a shell. Missed you all and am hoping to get back into the groove of things 🙂

Beggar Girl

Different lives, different locations;
But sharing that same condition… A beggar girl’s destiny.
Born into penury, her pockets she fills with her plea

“Oga gimme change na!
Madam help ya daughta!
Daddy I beg hep me!
Mommy gimme wata!”

As a child her innocence is her might,
Her youthful smile and laughter her charm,
With pure resilience she disarms her passerby,
Attaching herself to her prospective financier
this small frame with teary eyes lets out her angelic cry

“Oga gimme change na!
Madam help ya daughta!
Daddy I beg hep me!
Mommy gimme wata!”

She grows older; begging her career
but the older she gets, the less her financiers
Her innocence is lost with age, a woman is on the rise,
Not many pity a wondering girl in her teens as she gives off her daily cry

“Oga gimme change na!
Madam help ya daughta!
Daddy I beg hep me!
Mommy gimme wata!”

In some stories, on the streets she becomes a woman begging for her bread,
And where begging fills not her pocket, her body is often shared.
Her story is told in most corners of the world,
She is different colours, shapes and sizes yet a common “Beggar girl”.
Her call for aid is made in different languages and most mother tongues,
But here, these are the words I hear so often sung

“Oga gimme change na!
Madam hep ya daughta!
Daddy I beg hep me!
Mommy gimme wata!”

©2011 Festivalking