An ode to final partings


I loved you then, I love you still my dear Father…


Reminiscing now the chill that day,
Perhaps only internal,
Did winds blow outside? I forget
Gun shots  loud speak salutation to a Hearse,
Winter takes form and makes a place within the home,
Cold winds that did freeze and break the heart
Winter in my heart,
Winter to my touch as I bid farewell…



Drowning in ourselves,
  Success fattening our ego,
  Vanity- the unseen cloak,
Clutched by Pride, Now "Self"
  calls to "Wisdom"- She echoes
  "Love thyself in infant steps"

Its about “The Sedoka” at the dVerse Poets (A poetic form native to Japan)…  “Form for All: The Princess’ Poem to her Secret Love”

Cheers! 🙂


Claudius Caesar … who would have known?!


Cornerstone of Rome
…who would have known

Door mouse
of the house of Nobles
In the back ground stood he
bowed low

Fated well, this delicate form
by Sisters Three
The gods nodding in affirmation
when with Laurel Wreath
crowned is he

Cripple made king
Frailty  his Salvation
Affliction paved his path
to immortal initiation

Failed historian
turned ruler
of an Empire
To rule
never once
being his desire

the gods
laugh at our

At poor Claudius
surely they laughed
Heads held in their hands