Whispered Confession

We kiss,
 a dream "We" are made of
 (laying in my lovers arms)
 of  bitter sweet and shear ecstasy
 Jagged  pill- Truth, the noble entity  prophesies,
 Disaster this love will be
Kiss me quickly!
 Chasing away this shadow of reality
 Turn truth to doubt by the closeness of our lips
 Yet this... this...
 the fact that lingers...
 It is not love; it is not lust
 But calculated affection that binds us
 yet is it not safer so, is it not enough?...

My Dark Muse (My Muse is Black today!..)

My Muse is Black today!..

She is black today…

She weighs upon my chest
words that make no sense,
Much nonsense put on paper
with the many blip-blips to censor
dark expression flowing from a broken center

My muse damns me to this inspiration,
Choke-filled with life’s putrid manifestation
Vexed from the stings of bites not felt
yet heard and seen…

I am ANGRY! because its Death for breakfast,
War and Anarchy! My pain is palpable- come- cut,
taste with me- This muse is ours,
Awakenings to life’s woes she showers us constantly

Even in the comfort of home, exposed
by the media drawing my attention to the next bomb
that explodes, Reports of wars-disasters and poverty
Oops! This just in, more fatalities…
Fake- ass governments and their bullshit policies,
Resolute terrorists making God seem the enemy…

Her essence causing these scales fall- BUT resiliently,
For lies will always be sweeter than honesty, now
lying naked to the truth and left questioning,
Existence!… is it Hell or is it Purgatory?

Foul Weather (Rant)

Cruel star, burning
 Renders us UV-ray scares
 Glad I've got Sun-screen!

Barbecuing sky,
 Do you like your humans crisp?
 I'm almost ready!

Nerve wrecking heat wave
 Blame it on global warming
 Feels like I'm melting!

Exactly how I feel right now! 😦



I smile as I see your face in my wallet…
Traces of you that had begun to fade
and as I am reminded
Sadness drapes over me-thick
curtains at the Epiphany…
” I lost you that day, most certainly”

I stare a little longer
The portal to your soul giving
life to you portrait,
Your eyes beaming back at me,
I hear your laughter- Deep,
Commanding… Gentle,
I breathe a sigh with eyes closed
and hold you in my mental.

2 years you’ve been gone, it feels like 3
Death was cruel to snatch you from me,
Each year passes bringing its distance
Your birthday last year… forgive me, I missed it 😦
But it doesn’t mean you are lost to me
Neither are you forgotten,
‘Just wish I didn’t have to depend on a picture,
I’d rather stare at you in person!

Deeply  embedded you are in my history
The foundation of my family tree…
To forget you Papa… would be to forget me.
So I’ll hold on to your pictures and be reminded
In hope that at journey’s end we’ll be reunited

Your daughter

Untitled: In reaction to the World Toilet Day report

google image

Worlds Toilet Day
making known my country’s shame…
The tally,
34 million taking a dump on the streets!
Where then do we put our feet?!
… In fear of stepping on shit

How can the leaders deny
development? Still a far cry…
Citizens watch with eyes blood shot as
state wealth streams amongst lesser gods

These lesser dogs,
Tearing away at the meat
Won’t even invite us beggars to the feast
So we lay out on the streets
Watching for scarps from their tables to eat
I even hear a spiritual leader’s got a gold toilet seat!
Probably passes out holy shit

O well,
The whole world’s gone to hell
so why am I bemused?
…Totally confused!

Country surrounded by water,
A hydroelectric dam,
yet my people defaecate in gutters
hardly any power in town

I swear, I can’t stop babbling
The whole thing makes me pissed
I can feel them defecating on me, these
thieves for Politicians filling their
already full pot-bellies,  no plans of recompense…

A shout out to the lesser gods  dogs

As Nigeria joined the rest of the world to mark this year’s World Toilet Day, a joint UNICEF and World Health Organisation 2012 report has revealed that estimated 34 million Nigerians practice open defecation.

According to the report, Nigeria is amongst top five countries in the world with largest number of people defecating in the open… 😦 #Coveringmyfaceinshame (VANGUARD Newspaper: World Toilet Day – 34 Million Practice Open Defecation #Nigeria)

Still Bemused! 😦

Green light…

Green light comes on and its a “go”
signaling, signaling…
Yet traffic, moving slow,
matching the envy in my heart
dazzling green light monster
mocking its very meat

Green light comes on to stun
Signalling, signaling…
The dot sign, green on my
screen becomes distraction.
Emerald light that feeds my greed
These odds desires,
I have no need!

*google image* … Laughing Tayo? 😀

Green light please turn red,
bring this traffic to an end!
My emotions in need of release
a stop to your shine to bring an ease
But will you ever lose your glow?
the answer I am yet to know.
Surely your green light I will see, yet
I pray my heart will not skip a beat.

And though our backs be turned for a while
I still look upon your green light and smile….

I saw the “Y U NO…” Poster and I just had to put it up there for laughs 😀 … A sort of sweet and sour effect… I hope it worked! 😉




I see nothing
speak nothing
hear nothing
My monkeys 3, in a state of Nirvana

Dwelling in nothingness,
Paralyzed by emptiness
Too tired to be angry
Could one be more sad?

It feels painful just to breathe
yet I hold it in till I am pale
Probably for the torture
Probably to prove I still exist.

I war against image and color
closing my eyes to lose sight
wanting them all to disappear atleast for a moment
those daily icons of life

I want nothing!
not to breath!
not to speak!
Not to see!

I push away all that is beautiful
From sight,
to sound,
to word

Turning off my radio,
Dismissing friends,
I become silence itself,

I want nothing
… Not even to feel.

Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better to take things as they come along with patience and equanimity.- Carl Jung

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The words of a foreign body

She’s crying again, her vibrating sobs seem to echo through. There’s talk  about doctors and pills and how time seems to be running out. I can feel the build up of tension as it invades my space, voices raise as the conversation reaches its climax and then something slams shut. We are alone again, she, drowning in her tears and I, left to feeling every bit of her pain.

Its quiet, there’s little movement and shes breathing calmly now… She’s asleep I believe. This is the only time I get to exist without her negative air trying to choke the peace out of me… Its been like this for a few days now, up until then  she had been a much jollier person.  I have experienced her many emotions during the course of my existence but this feeling of hurt had never been so intense till she found out about me. Often times I wonder if I am the reason for her tears, shouldn’t I be here? ….Maybe if I keep still long enough she will forget that I’m here and things will return to normal, but I doubt that will work, it would only make me even more uncomfortable.

She wakes and I don’t feel that intense sadness anymore, it seems to have been replaced by this unexplainable calm while she slept.  I’m not sure I like this sensation… there’s this feeling of disconnect, almost as though she’s keeping her true feelings from me and I’m left all alone in this weightless wonderland. I hear her voice as she speaks to an unheard other, the word “doctor” comes up again and an appointment has just been set for tomorrow… If only I could go back to the first 3 moons of my existence when it was all about food and swimming, she felt happier and so did I… Now all I may ever know is her feeling of regret and my feeling of rejection…

“There is nothing in the whole world so painful as feeling that one is not liked. It always seems to me that people who hate me must be suffering from some kind of lunacy.” – Sei Shonagon

I miss you

I miss the emotion I carried while you were here
I miss the laughter and I miss the tears,
I miss the worry and the fear
I miss the love that we both shared.

I miss our brawls and reconciliations
I miss how loving you took patience
I remember how annoying you could be!
I would give anything to have you now unnerving me

I miss every mood that tied me to you
I miss the bad ones, but more the good
Your absence leaves me feeling like I have been run through
And how deep the gash you made, you will never have a clue

….I miss you, I miss you, I miss you

©2012 Festivalking

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