Those hands and lips that did me much pleasure
That tongue that roamed living me in a state of leisure
You were my drug, my dose of ecstasy
In moments passion I look down upon our bodies
joined as one and I crave this eternity

But is it fate for me?
Is it meant to be?
So says fate

“Nay, only futility
Sure sex is sweet fruit yet as candy too much-too bad for the tooth”

The taste of your juice- mouth, skin and down under
The feel of you, my mind and body shudder-I wonder
could you be my thunder?
If so then I seek for it to Rrrain forever!!!
My avenging angel by Eros sent to subdue my cares
momentarily as we mesh undoubtedly in the bosom of ecstasy

bigstock-Love-in-text-15394607I wanting you, you wanting me, this just has to be Lo… Ust!
So where is the Love?
Question that echoes ever so faintly as we fashion our interpretation of “Love”

bigstock-Lust-44528956Please make a way for fate to say we are worthy
To lose you would hurt me
What to do with these feelings that corrupt me
Cursed ’cause I’m craving your body
while true love is on the high seas…


A Valentine Thought

Valentine’s Day…

A day of pampering and pleasure,
Its February the 14th!
The day all lovers treasure 🙂
When love is at its leisure,
Husbands! How DARE you NOT remember 😉
The insignia for the day- “Heart shapes in velvety red”.
Chocolates, cards, flowers and gifts are shared;
Candle lit dinners;
Rose petals on floors, sheets and pillows spread.
Eros flits about and from his touch no romantic heart is spared.
On this day some look to get laid; 😉
Others seek to have past love replayed.
Friends laugh; Lonely hearts cry,
The words “Happy Valentine’s Day” is offered to the passer by.
But to me today is a day like any,
Earmarked by gifts, cards, cakes, love’s crest and candy!?
For this reason I say this prayer earnestly,
“Dear Eros, keep Valentine’s day tattooed on the hearts of many”
For we needn’t await 14th February to celebrate Love in all its glory….
©2012 Festivalking