An ode to final partings


I loved you then, I love you still my dear Father…


Reminiscing now the chill that day,
Perhaps only internal,
Did winds blow outside? I forget
Gun shots  loud speak salutation to a Hearse,
Winter takes form and makes a place within the home,
Cold winds that did freeze and break the heart
Winter in my heart,
Winter to my touch as I bid farewell…


Broken goddess

Slipping into his skin ...
 Her kicking and screaming won't wake him
 "Mr Hyde"  overtakes him- Beast let loose
 by fermented hops and barley juice,
 Man's wasted form he puts to use - Woman's
 fragile form left to feel the sting of his abuse
Gin and green fairies tonight, one too many
 No green eyed monsters to cause the Angst
 that ends in Violence- No its not jealousy,
 Just 48 to 75 percent alcoholic
 influence, liquid content only!
Distilled liquids letting him slip from reality
 Spirits giving him a false sense of immortality- Allowing
 uninhibited movements of his fists and feet across her body
 ...She left wondering "was it him or was it me?"

Dear Broken goddess, beaten black and blue, Yeah, that’s right! I’m talking to you! Be of courage and stop being the victim! Become the wiser – Break away from the system! You want love but why settle for a drunken woman beater?! walk away and allow yourself be loved by someone millions better!


I miss you

I miss the emotion I carried while you were here
I miss the laughter and I miss the tears,
I miss the worry and the fear
I miss the love that we both shared.

I miss our brawls and reconciliations
I miss how loving you took patience
I remember how annoying you could be!
I would give anything to have you now unnerving me

I miss every mood that tied me to you
I miss the bad ones, but more the good
Your absence leaves me feeling like I have been run through
And how deep the gash you made, you will never have a clue

….I miss you, I miss you, I miss you

©2012 Festivalking

from the World Wide Web


These blank pages lay empty,
I yearn to fill them with love, hate, joy or melancholy
But expression weighs thin, while desire to fill each page burns feverishly within.
My voice is trapped within fear’s cage,
I am as an unsure artist, paralyzed as I take the stage.
These sheets are naked,
I yearn to clothe them with my emotion,
to bathe them in “self” with each stroke of ink
and bear my soul’s devotion; to let my heart speak.
But I am hunted by barren imagination born of caution’s defeat.
Like a rain cloud, I am pregnant with word,
but the fear to birth them keeps a voice unheard.
…Anxiety seems to stifle this song bird.
I sought approval from an unseen audience,
I suppressed “true self ” and lost “true vision”
Bringing death to many expressions from fear of rejection,
This, the cause of a long-ass intermission.
From fear’s cage I now break free,
I seek my voice’s redemption; my Immortality….
Throwing caution to the wind I allow these words unwind.
No longer will I let the audience my words define
For these sheets, these pages… they are not their space, they are mine…
©2012 Festivalking


Hi guys! 🙂
I am SO sorry for the long silence, but I think this piece explains why I sort of went into a shell. Missed you all and am hoping to get back into the groove of things 🙂

To Women dealing with Alopecia…

To whom this may concern,

This is just to let you know that you are not alone in the battle against “Alopecia” of any kind. My first experience of major hair loss was in 2007, I have been a victim of “Alopecia areata” ever since. Can’t say its been easy.  I initially  had to battle with a self-esteem problem.

It was one thing when I finally decided to own up to the problem and totally shave my hair
off in late 2008, but making a topic of the issue and writing about it REALLY made the difference.

In “An Ode to My Hair” , which I wrote in early 2011, I was able to make fun of myself for the first time, while simultaneously educating people on what it was that had brought me to the point of my shaven head.

I just recently made some more noise about this hair of mine, Its more on the positive side though. The growth of my hair seems to be improving and so I have written “Hey Alopecia Sister!” as a sort of celebration (lol!).

I am aware that these posts have been and will be viewed, but what I do hope is for some Alopecia Sister to actually see these posts, and be left with a smile across her face.
… you are not alone.
For more on me and my hair please meet me atHair Chronicles… See you there! 😉

War Paint


A slimmer face,
Narrower nose and Higher cheek bones;
Fuller lips and Dazzling eyes…
These and more you can supply.
You make my skin glow
and bless me with a radiant complexion…
I cling to you,
for you are my perfection.

My “War paint”!
My great disguise in this “cosmetic nation”.

With you I blend in,
I am Trendy and Youthful,
Sexy as sin!… I AM BEAUTIFUL!
…Without you I am insecure;
Scared of what could be seen
once I am stripped of your wondrous sheen.

Hide my blemishes, quickly!
Spare men the sight of swollen bags under my eyes!
Stay so they may pay no attention to
my aging skin and stress lines!

…Sadly this is me “au natural”;
This is me when the Vail falls.

War paint… My biggest lie!
Yet, you are the arsenal in my hunt for a guy;
you, my greatest ally.

…And so, sadly but TRUE,
it is with you all my flaws I hide,
with each layer of “war paint” I apply.

©2011 Festivalking

This is how dependent many have become on cosmetics… let’s not over do it shall we!