Did I ever have what it took?

Or was within me a spirit, now fled – leaving my body once “All” he had said?

Even now the words fight to come out as inspiration visits in trickles.

Laying down, eyes wide open; body heavy laden… my mind is numbed by nothingness that fogs it.

O return to me better days of story and rythmn and song. Let me feel completeness again as I create; that readers may devour of my imagination…

Personification of the “Genius”

A lot of us hear the word “Genius” and the first thought that comes to mind is “a person with an abnormally high IQ”- True, …but how many  of us know the original meaning of the word?

According to ancient Roman mythology the Genius (plural in Latin genii) was said to have been the guiding spirit or Tutelary (a deity or spirit who is a guardian, patron or protector) of a person, family, nation, culture or occupation… Well it can be said that in today’s world blogging has become a sort of culture and to some extent an occupation for most. Sadly a lot of bloggers (such as yours truly) tend to battle a lot with “Writer’s block”.

I was introduced  to the video below about a month and a half ago but never really paid attention to the power of the message until today-  In it Elizabeth Gilbert, Author of the Book “Eat, Pray, Love” gives a TedTalk titled “Your elusive creative Genius“, educating people on the power of the Artistic Genius.

It spoke to me as a writer and poet …well not the aspiring professional writer/poet type, just the type who posts what she can, when she can 🙂

I hope Gilbert’s presentation speaks to you too….


Now did you REALLY watch it? 😉

Perhaps I should throw in a pop quiz just to be sure! 😛

Anyway, after listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s message I basically developed a whole new perspective of the term “Writer’s Block”, and a less defeatist attitude towards it.

… Be it Muse, Genius or Tetulary, I prefer the idea that we writers of any kind aren’t the ones carrying the burden of creativity,  we just need to be open to the spirit(s) that guides us towards the path and when they don’t show up to inspire us when expected, we ought not despair! It only means they’ve got something super HOT steering, thus patience is required.

However, this form of logic also makes me wonder… “What spirit guides me when I write my pieces?” … Do you know what spirits guide you?… 😐

Thanks for stopping by! And thanks “Genius” for such a wonderful contribution …hehe!

Cheers yal! 🙂

A Rant Due to Realisation

Leaving in the shadow of “cannots”
Held down by inhibiting shackles- Paralyze me they do
In no serial form undone I stand bowed and finally kneel in despair
By my own words so negative I’ve been chained to the ground so ordinary

Wings clipped- I cannot fly

My eyes look up to the sky in hope for change
and I see birds, unlike myself they fly
Winners, Leader, Men who would dare to TRY
They dare to dream and choose not to believe in the lie

“Winners are not born, they are made
under no specific back ground or shade”

In arm this presupposition
I’ll make change my new mission
The decision to take the front row
From paralyzing anchors I’ll let go

Googled! 🙂

Adventure in the dark- (dVerse Prompt)

Picture by Terry S. Amstutz. For more of his work please click on the picture

Claustrophobic fit
I make for the door
Craving the exit
Missing a step or more

Groping in the dark
Finally hitting the floor
I think “this will leave a mark”
My mind still focused on the door

Hands and knees introduced to the ground
I make my way towards the light
I look back on the adventure with a frown
The Exit my only respite

Bright lights up ahead so off the floor and towards the door I jet
My quick paces lacking caution thus back in the dirt I get 😦

Hi guys! Just made this sonnet up for the dVerse prompt : Poetics– photography by Terry S. Amstutz (I am so late 😛 )… Experiencing a bit of a dry spell but I should make good pretty soon 🙂

Much love to all …

Thanks for the prompt Claudia! 😀

Līgo Circle of Appreciation

I’d like to start this post by thanking “ESENGA’S VOICE” for appreciating this blog through the Līgo Circle of Appreciation.

In her words:

The yearly Līgo celebration happens every summer solstice in Latvia.
At this time we adorn our heads with Līgos of flowers, oak leaves,
grasses and plants. We join circles around bonfires and celebrate life,
and our appreciation of each other.

Here’s our
Līgo Circle of Appreciation
among fellow bloggers. ( for more please click on: (ESENGA’S VOICE- Ligo Circle of Appreciation)

Here’s how it works:

* Complete this sentence about blogging: ”A great blog is…
* Refer back to the blogger who invited you
* Invite 2 bloggers to join the Līgo Circle of Appreciation on a post

A blog is… a window to another world. 

The intent is to peep but vision, word and animation hold us captive

Thought and emotion are aroused and finally we are sucked into a new Dimension

We stay only for a moment but we leave never the same

Snapping back to reality with a little more wisdom, gladness or pain

I’d like to add to this wonderful circle of bloggers:

http://evokingthedeep.wordpress.com/ for his amazing poems that stir the romantic soul.


http://iftodaywehear.wordpress.com/For her daily simple poems that teach us simple faith

Once again a BIG thank you to Esenga’s Voice! Please check out the wonderful world she has created at http://esengasvoice.wordpress.com

Cheers! 🙂


In a relationship, whether platonic or intimate there is a part of us that expects a sort of perfection from our partners. He or she is supposed to be that rock you can lean on in times of insecurity. You have a bad day and they’ll be there to say the right words, cook you your favourite meal or even ease the tension with mind blowing sex…. But what happens when all that doesn’t help? Allow me share with you a lesson I was taught yesterday…

I was having an evening of unclear moments about the future and so I started a whatsapp chat with my BF (Boyfriend of course… But yeah also Best friend). I expressed my feelings of depression and how unclear I was about work, my future and sorts. I’m not quite sure what I was expecting from a man two continents away from me, but it just felt like the best thing to do at the time. Sure that his response would be how sorry he was for not being here to comfort me… not necessarily through sex, I waited for the pity party to begin.

Conversation went thus:

Me: Getting real low right now. Missing my dad.

BF: I’m sorry sweetie, What’s going on?

Me: Freaking out about work and my future. I think its the flu getting to some nerve in my brain

BF: Well you should watch 2 videos before I say anything to you. First YouTube joseph prince, I forget the title.

Me: Prince of egypt?!

BF: Something like letting Jesus works or something. NO, Joseph Prince.

Silly Me 😛 : O! Lol! OK

He referred me to two wonderful 6 minute inspirational videos, one of which was titled “Let go and let God’s supply flow.

Fast forward through our conversation:

BF: Watch em both. I have an interview in 3 minutes so I’ll leave you with this: You haven’t made any mistakes in your life yet.

Not much of a pity party after all! 🙂

We all want someone that will understand and feel for us when we are down. We want him or her to give us that shoulder or back rub and ask what they can do to make it better or even go away, and when they are miles away, for them to tell us how things will get better as soon as they get back… “Just a little while longer babe!” They say.

Well that chat was an eye opener for me. I learned that as much as I want a man to be there for me, to be that shoulder to cry on and ear to listen to me jabber rocks about life’s woes and all, I also NEED him to be real. A real partner will listen, he or she will support you but what they won’t do is try to play superman because IT DOESN’T WORK!

1st Scenario:
You’ve ranted about how things aren’t just working out. Partner starts with some words of encouragement, a back rub, your favourite meal and finally great sex, but then what? You probably get tired, you drift off… and then when you wake up later you find yourself back at square one.

Understand that the coach talk, to the massage , to even the point where you both are knocking boots is just a fix. Empathy and petting are all necessary but what is MOST important in times of uncertainty and weakness is for a partner to make you see how they actually don’t have all the answers … They probably don’t have any!

Along with the show of empathy, encouragement and care, he/she is meant first and foremost to get you back in focus with The Big Man Himself. Only HE is able to meet you at your point of need.

2nd Scenario:
You get home feeling downcast and your partner says “Baby, you have a problem, I get that and its ok. You know I love you and am here for you if you need to talk but right now what I need for you to do for me is to take sometime to talk to Jesus. I know it might not be what you want to hear, but you will thank me later. Now go pray while I make you that ___ you love so much.” Rubbing your back he or she says “I’ll be right here when you are done ok baby. I love you.” You probably get a quick but loving kiss planted on your pouting lips 😉

Well I feel that partner has played his/her true role as Superman don’t you?

My BF set a standard for me last night… He taught me that a real Superman is the kind of man or woman who will not only endeavour to support you body and soul, but will ALSO make you see how much of a superman imposter he or she really is.
The perfect partner will lovingly remind you how when in search for “Superman” you will find Him while on your knees in prayer! 🙂

Cheers! 😉

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Blogging, Broadcasting and Christ

When I first started my blogs I never realized just how many people would get to read my posts, neither did I consider the sort of people that would come across my messages. Today however, was an eye opener to that reality.

People from all facets of life will read your stuff and if you make enough sense the usual case is that they get impacted with some form of entertainment, encouragement or inspiration. They will leave comments telling you how wonderful your post was or how touched they were by your message or even use one of your posts as a reference. Its a good feeling, the attention, but what happens when you start getting it from a crowd you never expected?

One of my latest posts got a pingback from a blog site today. On getting the notification I clicked on the link only to realize that I had stepped into a world absolutely different from mine. Its okay when you get on your blog and see that your blog post was liked by “your kind of people” or that they were touched by your ideas and opinion, but what do you do when your message is applauded by someone you have always considered different from you? I can’t go into detail as to what makes this person different, but my guess is that you have a few ideas relating to what I’m going on about.

Anyway, I saw the blog and noticed that my article had been made reference to in one of the blog posts. My first reaction was to trash the comment, but then something in my head or maybe my heart stopped me.  This all happened while I was at the office so I really didn’t have time to fully assess the situation. After quick deliberation I finally decided to spam it for a time, at least until I was sure about my convictions. Meanwhile, I had been receiving this broadcast from friends on my blackberry network all day saying:

Hello, I am Jesus Christ,u hardly have time for me. I love You and always bless you.I am always with You. Today I want this message across the world before midnight, please do not cut it and I’ll help you with something that you are in need of.

I’m sorry,  I love Christ and all and I RRRREALLY do, but why some people try to make him look like some sort of sales person or item is beyond me! I feel broadcasts like this one just belittles the image of my Lord and Saviour.

So what does this have to do with my initial story? A lot!

Me not rebroadcasting that message had got me feeling a little uneasy from the moment I started receiving it. I felt irritated and yet just because the message bore the name Jesus Christ in it, I was filled with guilt for not wanting to follow the B.B re-broadcasting horde. “Don’t I love Jesus enough?” I thought to myself. Then the blog issue hit! Whether or not I would accept this blogger’s comment on my page would be a test of my faith.

The sense of guilt seemed only to increase when I decided I wouldn’t delete the comment. “O so you’d rather have funny people on your blog, but rebroadcasting a message about Jesus is an issue huh?”. I wondered how Jesus saw me at that time.

At home I took my time to read this persons blog, and though their opinion and way of life is FAR DIFFERENT from mine, I could see how my message might have helped through certain feelings and emotion. It was then I realized, “your kind of people” or not, its all about making a positive contribution to a “LIFE”. Loving your neighbor as yourself and bringing peace and joy to others, isn’t that what being christian is all about?

I decided to reach out to this person and apologize for my initial reaction to their comment because in the end its all about practicing what you preach… I preach Love and acceptance, judging not so that I too will not be judged.

My final take. You can broadcast or rebroadcast messages about Christ a million and one times believing that this is your contribution to the christian race , but if your message only tends to scare, irritate or even put people on a spiritual guilt trip then maybe you need to re-think your strategy on how to draw lost sheep to The Father and Son. Its not about selling him as an idea but becoming more like him in spirit and person, that others may see and draw near.

Let your actions, thoughts and behavior speak louder than your broadcasts…