Whispered Confession

We kiss,
 a dream "We" are made of
 (laying in my lovers arms)
 of  bitter sweet and shear ecstasy
 Jagged  pill- Truth, the noble entity  prophesies,
 Disaster this love will be
Kiss me quickly!
 Chasing away this shadow of reality
 Turn truth to doubt by the closeness of our lips
 Yet this... this...
 the fact that lingers...
 It is not love; it is not lust
 But calculated affection that binds us
 yet is it not safer so, is it not enough?...


Those hands and lips that did me much pleasure
That tongue that roamed living me in a state of leisure
You were my drug, my dose of ecstasy
In moments passion I look down upon our bodies
joined as one and I crave this eternity

But is it fate for me?
Is it meant to be?
So says fate

“Nay, only futility
Sure sex is sweet fruit yet as candy too much-too bad for the tooth”

The taste of your juice- mouth, skin and down under
The feel of you, my mind and body shudder-I wonder
could you be my thunder?
If so then I seek for it to Rrrain forever!!!
My avenging angel by Eros sent to subdue my cares
momentarily as we mesh undoubtedly in the bosom of ecstasy

bigstock-Love-in-text-15394607I wanting you, you wanting me, this just has to be Lo… Ust!
So where is the Love?
Question that echoes ever so faintly as we fashion our interpretation of “Love”

bigstock-Lust-44528956Please make a way for fate to say we are worthy
To lose you would hurt me
What to do with these feelings that corrupt me
Cursed ’cause I’m craving your body
while true love is on the high seas…


Day breaks
and I lay awake
Last night

Those almost kisses
Orgasmic near misses
as your body mixes with mine
such sweet wine
O so fine



Your tongue full of tricks
in my mouth transfixed
keeps hush the screams
wild fire, porn scenes
the dashes and clashes
as your ravage my Ravine

Breakfast comes all too quickly!

So abrupt,
the smell of pancakes
rudely disrupt
my daydream
of the night’s passing
but alas
you’re here

You draw near
and I deliberate
on how you make it up to me
Gladly for all its worth
we settle for dessert
love making
in all its


8 Minutes or Less

The taste of salt and sweat of your skin is sweet
but the taste of your tears is much sweeter

To feel your body overwhelmed,
Arms wrapped around me- heavy breathing

Your silence…
It can never amount to the saline dam that our love making just broke…

Festival King
5 minutes


Scott’s rave: This is awesome poetry, as it pulls me in not only from the good writing, but in analysis of all the meaning that the writer is expressing for her muse. Festival King is an artist of poetic expression and I like her art so much that I almost can’t stand it! Ending this one in “Your silence….” and then what is that saline dam that broke? Not physically, but what in the soul could make such a thing happen? I’m in awe, and yet I think I understand it all. Beautiful work again Festival King!!…

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This Queen ain’t havin’it!

Leave her earrings on the bed
they’ve already been seen
don’t even try to justify,
I’ll only kick and scream!

Yo hungry ass is full of grass
this shit you talk ain’t gon’pass
So pack yo bags at least for tonight,
stay another moment, and you’re in for a fight!

How dare you tell me this ain’t right?!
I’m not the one screwing a ho with slippery fingers!
confusing ma home for hers
using ma bed as a dresser!

O ‘n’ this AIN’T the first time I seen!
she knows I know, coz lately she left me her VS-panties
Its the silence she cain’t stand
wanting me to come FIGHT for ma man!

But see, what she don’t understand is
a Queen ALWAYS  knows where she stands
I am the madam; she is the maid
I get home to love and respect; her scanky ass gets laid!

So run along to yo little girlfrien’
and feel free to tell’er all I said
and when the shit you’ve pulled, you realize
THEN crawl on back home and apologize!

I miss you

I miss the emotion I carried while you were here
I miss the laughter and I miss the tears,
I miss the worry and the fear
I miss the love that we both shared.

I miss our brawls and reconciliations
I miss how loving you took patience
I remember how annoying you could be!
I would give anything to have you now unnerving me

I miss every mood that tied me to you
I miss the bad ones, but more the good
Your absence leaves me feeling like I have been run through
And how deep the gash you made, you will never have a clue

….I miss you, I miss you, I miss you

©2012 Festivalking

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Lucky me

Lucky me! Lucky you!
Lucky, lucky we two!

You say how lucky you are
but that’s so not true.
I’m the lucky one,
… I’ve got you!

You say I let the sunshine in,
while you are my Sun;
I give you a complete feeling?
Well you are my “One”.

Yes, I am aware that our love is imperfect
and can depreciate,
but we have never BEEN to please,
and that I’ll always appreciate.

I’ve got you my brother
and I your sister,
….the rest we leave to fate.

Lucky me!
Forever will I be glad I’ve got you mate.
For you are “MA NIGGA”, my friend and hommie.

…I am grateful for this lucky state.Tayo and upe


©2011 Festivalking