Black n white cocoon,
The last shred of vanity,
As age takes over…














 Sky making love to my mind
  ...I reach for my phone


No matter its pose
 The heavens bare such beauty
  ...even in pixels

Both shots were taken by me 🙂 from my Blackberry, and edited on Instagram 😉

Adventure in the dark- (dVerse Prompt)

Picture by Terry S. Amstutz. For more of his work please click on the picture

Claustrophobic fit
I make for the door
Craving the exit
Missing a step or more

Groping in the dark
Finally hitting the floor
I think “this will leave a mark”
My mind still focused on the door

Hands and knees introduced to the ground
I make my way towards the light
I look back on the adventure with a frown
The Exit my only respite

Bright lights up ahead so off the floor and towards the door I jet
My quick paces lacking caution thus back in the dirt I get 😦

Hi guys! Just made this sonnet up for the dVerse prompt : Poetics– photography by Terry S. Amstutz (I am so late 😛 )… Experiencing a bit of a dry spell but I should make good pretty soon 🙂

Much love to all …

Thanks for the prompt Claudia! 😀


Stretched out

due to season

Anticipating the embrace,
The white, crystal cloak
soon to bare over…
Blistering winds
do shake the buds,
Your ovaries
in cryogenic sleep,


of your form
of your fingers
in your structure…

Imagery savored in pixels

Your nakedness
till yet another season…

Today @ dVerse Poets, Brian Miller is hosting Poetics and the prompt is based on photographic art inspiration (Photograph all provided by SueAnn) … Feel free to join in the fun! 🙂
Thanks Brian! 🙂


Holding my hand she softly
leads me to the morning
Such a tease, from behind
my curtains she peeps and
distracts me from my sleep.
Hypnos flees at her whisper,
My sprawled body yet again

Waking me from temporary death
She bids me live with song
from birds near by and the
growing cacophony from my
window, outside- testifying
to possibilities of what
the day may bring.

A times I wish she leave me be
Just allow my sprawled body
Yet she is ever present company
Her warmth
Her whisper
Daily piercing through my nights
She births new days
She ushers in the light.

Some day I hope to capture
her form through mechanical eyes
but only through words will I depict
her beauty until pennies fill my pocket


Heart Broken by Damian Sinton

Tread softly I am weak,
heartbroken, won’t even speak.
the feeling’s gone, nothing left to lift
shattered pieces, within I sift.

This ache is real, the wound will heal
but it seems stupid, this audacity to feel;
lessons learnt from time and in this race,
powerless though, nature wills at its pace.
totally damned, children of her will
it’s a marvel the grip of our skill.

Tread softly I am weak
….Tell my heart never to speak

By: Damian Sinton

Damian Sinton

Meet “Damian Sinton”, an alias of course! 😉 He’s a friend and  a pretty shy one, so I have edited the lovely picture you see of himself and his little angel 🙂 … Just another reminder that I’ve got talented friends 😉 😀