Whispered Confession

We kiss,
 a dream "We" are made of
 (laying in my lovers arms)
 of  bitter sweet and shear ecstasy
 Jagged  pill- Truth, the noble entity  prophesies,
 Disaster this love will be
Kiss me quickly!
 Chasing away this shadow of reality
 Turn truth to doubt by the closeness of our lips
 Yet this... this...
 the fact that lingers...
 It is not love; it is not lust
 But calculated affection that binds us
 yet is it not safer so, is it not enough?...

My Forte, Your Attraction…? (dVerse)

Are you aware of me?
Are you aware of the skin of me
r its content, of body or of soul?

Would you rather look or listen?
How do you perceive me
in audio or vision?

What is it about me that strikes you,
is it the fast spoken sentences that run
like water off my tongue?
Do they make sense to you,
are my opinion appreciated?
Or do you just love my tongue?
Do you prefer to watch lush lips as they make

shape at the O’s and accent of every word?
… please don’t stare too long.

Do you like the sound of my giggly laughter?
Does it fill you heart with glee?
speak sincerely
Or is it just the look on my face,
to watch as my bosom heaves at every chuckle?
My head falling back showing my neck
and in that instance your mind and body debate.

What draws you to me, what lures you?
I pray my looks do not overpower my loudity,
Allow it not deceive you,
Hear me and fall in love with me
not my voice alone but the content of me, let
them touch you so whether in lust or in love
should you ever walk away you leave with
me in my verse- Here I will stay forever
perhaps not in your heart but alive in your head…

Attraction in a dark room

A meeting, sweet.
Dark room,
flickering lights mingled
with laughter and fright,

We are children again,
Sucked in by the fantasy
of animation in technicolor.

Our guard let down,
Two strangers in the dark,
Popcorn, sweeter when shared.
Together we experience the coaster ride.
..and what a ride!
New friendship exits a luminate room.

Night carries on but again adults we become.
You, the sweetest creature and I, unsure.
Dare I try to peel away your surface?
I may be sucked in!

“Perhaps another life” you once wrote,
Well all so very true,
Thoughts of you,
Thoughts of us,
And then me thinks…
Contentment will have to do…


Day breaks
and I lay awake
Last night

Those almost kisses
Orgasmic near misses
as your body mixes with mine
such sweet wine
O so fine



Your tongue full of tricks
in my mouth transfixed
keeps hush the screams
wild fire, porn scenes
the dashes and clashes
as your ravage my Ravine

Breakfast comes all too quickly!

So abrupt,
the smell of pancakes
rudely disrupt
my daydream
of the night’s passing
but alas
you’re here

You draw near
and I deliberate
on how you make it up to me
Gladly for all its worth
we settle for dessert
love making
in all its


In a relationship, whether platonic or intimate there is a part of us that expects a sort of perfection from our partners. He or she is supposed to be that rock you can lean on in times of insecurity. You have a bad day and they’ll be there to say the right words, cook you your favourite meal or even ease the tension with mind blowing sex…. But what happens when all that doesn’t help? Allow me share with you a lesson I was taught yesterday…

I was having an evening of unclear moments about the future and so I started a whatsapp chat with my BF (Boyfriend of course… But yeah also Best friend). I expressed my feelings of depression and how unclear I was about work, my future and sorts. I’m not quite sure what I was expecting from a man two continents away from me, but it just felt like the best thing to do at the time. Sure that his response would be how sorry he was for not being here to comfort me… not necessarily through sex, I waited for the pity party to begin.

Conversation went thus:

Me: Getting real low right now. Missing my dad.

BF: I’m sorry sweetie, What’s going on?

Me: Freaking out about work and my future. I think its the flu getting to some nerve in my brain

BF: Well you should watch 2 videos before I say anything to you. First YouTube joseph prince, I forget the title.

Me: Prince of egypt?!

BF: Something like letting Jesus works or something. NO, Joseph Prince.

Silly Me 😛 : O! Lol! OK

He referred me to two wonderful 6 minute inspirational videos, one of which was titled “Let go and let God’s supply flow.

Fast forward through our conversation:

BF: Watch em both. I have an interview in 3 minutes so I’ll leave you with this: You haven’t made any mistakes in your life yet.

Not much of a pity party after all! 🙂

We all want someone that will understand and feel for us when we are down. We want him or her to give us that shoulder or back rub and ask what they can do to make it better or even go away, and when they are miles away, for them to tell us how things will get better as soon as they get back… “Just a little while longer babe!” They say.

Well that chat was an eye opener for me. I learned that as much as I want a man to be there for me, to be that shoulder to cry on and ear to listen to me jabber rocks about life’s woes and all, I also NEED him to be real. A real partner will listen, he or she will support you but what they won’t do is try to play superman because IT DOESN’T WORK!

1st Scenario:
You’ve ranted about how things aren’t just working out. Partner starts with some words of encouragement, a back rub, your favourite meal and finally great sex, but then what? You probably get tired, you drift off… and then when you wake up later you find yourself back at square one.

Understand that the coach talk, to the massage , to even the point where you both are knocking boots is just a fix. Empathy and petting are all necessary but what is MOST important in times of uncertainty and weakness is for a partner to make you see how they actually don’t have all the answers … They probably don’t have any!

Along with the show of empathy, encouragement and care, he/she is meant first and foremost to get you back in focus with The Big Man Himself. Only HE is able to meet you at your point of need.

2nd Scenario:
You get home feeling downcast and your partner says “Baby, you have a problem, I get that and its ok. You know I love you and am here for you if you need to talk but right now what I need for you to do for me is to take sometime to talk to Jesus. I know it might not be what you want to hear, but you will thank me later. Now go pray while I make you that ___ you love so much.” Rubbing your back he or she says “I’ll be right here when you are done ok baby. I love you.” You probably get a quick but loving kiss planted on your pouting lips 😉

Well I feel that partner has played his/her true role as Superman don’t you?

My BF set a standard for me last night… He taught me that a real Superman is the kind of man or woman who will not only endeavour to support you body and soul, but will ALSO make you see how much of a superman imposter he or she really is.
The perfect partner will lovingly remind you how when in search for “Superman” you will find Him while on your knees in prayer! 🙂

Cheers! 😉

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This Queen ain’t havin’it!

Leave her earrings on the bed
they’ve already been seen
don’t even try to justify,
I’ll only kick and scream!

Yo hungry ass is full of grass
this shit you talk ain’t gon’pass
So pack yo bags at least for tonight,
stay another moment, and you’re in for a fight!

How dare you tell me this ain’t right?!
I’m not the one screwing a ho with slippery fingers!
confusing ma home for hers
using ma bed as a dresser!

O ‘n’ this AIN’T the first time I seen!
she knows I know, coz lately she left me her VS-panties
Its the silence she cain’t stand
wanting me to come FIGHT for ma man!

But see, what she don’t understand is
a Queen ALWAYS  knows where she stands
I am the madam; she is the maid
I get home to love and respect; her scanky ass gets laid!

So run along to yo little girlfrien’
and feel free to tell’er all I said
and when the shit you’ve pulled, you realize
THEN crawl on back home and apologize!

Her Morning Elegance


Its morning, She rises up same time as every other day, and with a wide smile on her face she stretches and gives out  a “GOOD MORNING!” This of course does not go down too well with her partner who irritably grabs the pillow from her side of the bed and hurriedly places it over his head as he buries his face in the one beneath him. He absolutely hated those “Good Morning” moments.

Despite the fact that he has become accustom to the episode each time she wakes beside him, i.e. Her going off like a village rooster, the insecure bloke is more upset and resentful of the way she sounds each time she  gives the customary salutation. Its comes out with this rapturous burst of energy… “How come I never make you sound that way at night?” he says unable to conceal his envy any longer. “Excuse me!” She replies as she turns in surprise, unsure of the muffled words that have come from within the pillows. With his face off the pillow this time he repeats his question, but unable to look her in the eyes as he does. “How come I never make you sound that way at night?” After a few seconds of shocking silence she lifts herself from the other side of the bed where she’s seated; In his baggy “Tees” she laughingly jumps on the back of her sulking lover. “You are such a child” she says as she plays with his ear lobes.

Seductively she lays on his bare back and whispers:

“Why feel spite for the morning, is she not good? Why vex as I salute day’s dawning? It is only with gratitude…

Do not compare my heightened sound of day to my lowly moans of night, when your hands, your lips, your skin upon me fill me with delight.  

You desire screams as our bodies entwine and I reel in orgasmic pleasure? Well forgive me as the words lay caught in my throat while the moment I treasure.

Be not jealous of the morning and the excitement she brings me, but bless her as she gives way to the evening, and into the night once again we will be”

“This is some real Shakespearean ish” he says to himself as she nibbles on his right ear lobe and with her fingers plays with the hair on his naked back…. But hey, it worked! His supremacy over the morning is finally restored! He turns, and taking her in his arms plants a long kiss on her lips and with a look of mischief in his eyes he says “well the morning can have your screaming salutations, I on the other hand can make you moan whenever the hell I want!” She giggles as they kiss.

….. And morning becomes night 😉





Lucky me

Lucky me! Lucky you!
Lucky, lucky we two!

You say how lucky you are
but that’s so not true.
I’m the lucky one,
… I’ve got you!

You say I let the sunshine in,
while you are my Sun;
I give you a complete feeling?
Well you are my “One”.

Yes, I am aware that our love is imperfect
and can depreciate,
but we have never BEEN to please,
and that I’ll always appreciate.

I’ve got you my brother
and I your sister,
….the rest we leave to fate.

Lucky me!
Forever will I be glad I’ve got you mate.
For you are “MA NIGGA”, my friend and hommie.

…I am grateful for this lucky state.Tayo and upe


©2011 Festivalking