Whispered Confession

We kiss,
 a dream "We" are made of
 (laying in my lovers arms)
 of  bitter sweet and shear ecstasy
 Jagged  pill- Truth, the noble entity  prophesies,
 Disaster this love will be
Kiss me quickly!
 Chasing away this shadow of reality
 Turn truth to doubt by the closeness of our lips
 Yet this... this...
 the fact that lingers...
 It is not love; it is not lust
 But calculated affection that binds us
 yet is it not safer so, is it not enough?...

My Forte, Your Attraction…? (dVerse)

Are you aware of me?
Are you aware of the skin of me
r its content, of body or of soul?

Would you rather look or listen?
How do you perceive me
in audio or vision?

What is it about me that strikes you,
is it the fast spoken sentences that run
like water off my tongue?
Do they make sense to you,
are my opinion appreciated?
Or do you just love my tongue?
Do you prefer to watch lush lips as they make

shape at the O’s and accent of every word?
… please don’t stare too long.

Do you like the sound of my giggly laughter?
Does it fill you heart with glee?
speak sincerely
Or is it just the look on my face,
to watch as my bosom heaves at every chuckle?
My head falling back showing my neck
and in that instance your mind and body debate.

What draws you to me, what lures you?
I pray my looks do not overpower my loudity,
Allow it not deceive you,
Hear me and fall in love with me
not my voice alone but the content of me, let
them touch you so whether in lust or in love
should you ever walk away you leave with
me in my verse- Here I will stay forever
perhaps not in your heart but alive in your head…


Those hands and lips that did me much pleasure
That tongue that roamed living me in a state of leisure
You were my drug, my dose of ecstasy
In moments passion I look down upon our bodies
joined as one and I crave this eternity

But is it fate for me?
Is it meant to be?
So says fate

“Nay, only futility
Sure sex is sweet fruit yet as candy too much-too bad for the tooth”

The taste of your juice- mouth, skin and down under
The feel of you, my mind and body shudder-I wonder
could you be my thunder?
If so then I seek for it to Rrrain forever!!!
My avenging angel by Eros sent to subdue my cares
momentarily as we mesh undoubtedly in the bosom of ecstasy

bigstock-Love-in-text-15394607I wanting you, you wanting me, this just has to be Lo… Ust!
So where is the Love?
Question that echoes ever so faintly as we fashion our interpretation of “Love”

bigstock-Lust-44528956Please make a way for fate to say we are worthy
To lose you would hurt me
What to do with these feelings that corrupt me
Cursed ’cause I’m craving your body
while true love is on the high seas…

Miserable Condition

Life without love is insanity!
Go to a prostitute and FEEL something,
In your bed, cradle her faded affection.
Come morning –  A life without love,
Sinful and Immoral….

I got my material from a book called “POX” written by Deborah Hayden. In the chosen Chapter and Paragraph, she takes a look a the life of Vincent van Gogh– quoting him on matters of the heart amongst other things.

Today’s dVersePoets’ prompt has us rearranging texts  from any literary source into a poetic form – Dadaist Poetry.

Feel free to join in! 🙂


Day breaks
and I lay awake
Last night

Those almost kisses
Orgasmic near misses
as your body mixes with mine
such sweet wine
O so fine



Your tongue full of tricks
in my mouth transfixed
keeps hush the screams
wild fire, porn scenes
the dashes and clashes
as your ravage my Ravine

Breakfast comes all too quickly!

So abrupt,
the smell of pancakes
rudely disrupt
my daydream
of the night’s passing
but alas
you’re here

You draw near
and I deliberate
on how you make it up to me
Gladly for all its worth
we settle for dessert
love making
in all its

Limted by Flesh (Extended version)


I write these words on parchment in a matter of minutes yet on my heart inscribed in seconds. In essence there they always resided.

With speed of thought my brain speaks, my fingers grasp the quill and by awe of such thought I am stilled…

Then I write, yet stunted as ink in my tool takes flight. By new pen my heart unfolds on paper…

“I Love Thee”

By 3 words is my heart’s epistle summarized… I LOVE THEE! Such emotion intense- As bees to nectar, wanting am I of your sweet existence

By love, though through fantasy my heart accomplishes in leaps and bounds.

By cupid’s arrow, by Aphrodite’s kiss I am bewitched and lay down all resistance towards the need, which is you

Love! O Love! By this I am set upon hills and confess my heart in song- Hallelujah!

History of our union a vision of mere moments, scenes capturing our love that births generations to follow

By same love my longing flesh is humbled while in your presence, my tongue limp- lips clasp shut… in elusive thought I am  lost

A letter of my love confessed is insufficient still. Writing until my fingers bleed changes you little.

You also, limited by your own sweet shell- Inhibited by time, slowly consuming lengthy and yet poor manifestations of my love on parchment

O that you would come away with me! Come dear love and intrude my fantasy… Naked is my desire!

I, confessing my heart with these 3 words do profess Love eternal…

I Love Thee…

Watched “Shakespeare in Love” on Saturday night and it felt like the  first time 😮 … I’m totally in-love with the lingo and yes, it inspired me towards this piece… I just hope I didn’t do too badly 😀

Cheers! 😉

The Līgo Haībun Challenge ~ Prompt “Bouquet”/”Bouquet of Flowers”/”Flower”

bigstock-Beautiful-nude-female-body-sil-18840731Innocence  becomes past tense as he attempts to pluck red petals  from between her ebony thighs… His dream finally coming to fruition- to make a woman of his lover.  Dare he say, its not quite the experience he had envisaged- She claws away into his Nubian skin, screaming as he penetrates, taking his time the best he can. Tears trickle down the corners of her eyes as her body gently rocks to the motion of his love inside her.

In time he races on feverishly, drenched in perspiration- eyes shut to avoid the gory shade that probably masks his groin and surely marks the sheets … in that moment her flower is lost forever. The innocent girl he lay ever so gently on her back now raises her womanly hips to the occasion in wild ecstasy- Her body, overwhelmed by  new feelings of pain, but more pleasure bucks, reals and twists, her fingers easing off on their grip of his skin. This is where true victory lies- not in the breaking of the hymen, but to feel the wild, involuntary spasms from her virgin torso. Is there anything sweeter than this?….

Claiming her bouquet
He thinks not of tomorrow
…She thinks forever


Our  Līgo Haībun Challenge normally has a word limit of up to 220 words or less inc the haiku / of course more than one haiku can be used to conclude your piece.

According to Wikipedia: The term “haibun” was first used by the 17th century Japanese poet, Matsuo Bashō. Bashō was a prominent early writer of haibun, then a new genre combining classical prototypes.  He wrote some haibun as travel accounts during his various journeys, the most famous of which is Oku no Hosomichi(Narrow Road to the Interior). Bashō’s shorter haibun include compositions devoted to travel and others focusing on character sketches, landscape scenes, anecdotal vignettes and occasional writings written to honor a specific patron or event. His Hut of the Phantom Dwelling can be classified as an essay while, in Saga Nikki (Saga Diary), he documents his day-to-day activities with his disciples on a summer retreat.

Traditional haibun typically took the form of a short description of a place, person or object, or a diary of a journey or other series of events in the poet’s life. Haibun continued to be written by later haikai poets such as Yosa BusonKobayashi Issa and Masaoka Shiki.

Haibun in English

Haibun has established itself as a genre in world literature which has gained momentum in recent years.

The first contest for English-language haibun took place in 1996. The first anthology of English-language haibun was Bruce Ross‘s Journey to the Interior: American Versions of Haibun (Tuttle), published in 1998.

The haībun format here for the Līgo Haībun Challenge is as follows ~

paragraph (more than one paragraph is fine, or just a few sentences) in prose form of either

  • a descriptive passage , or excerpt from a story/or previously published post
  • an explanation 
  • a tale
  • a travelogue
  • a news item
  • a recipe


  • the haiku/collection of haiku related to the text  to close


-if you should like please do supply an image/images to go with your post.

The most appreciated haībun (MAXIMUM of 3 per week) will get an “honourable mention in dispatches”, and all contributors will be featured in the weekly Līgo Editions Paper circulated online to twitter, facebook, tumblr., subscribing emails and anywhere else you’d like it to go. The link currently only features example articles.

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Dark reflections…

A kiss did strike the final blow
too strong? too soon? or was it too slow?

young love ripped to shreds, tip toe to head
Goodbye said; a harsh reality unspared

The heart lay broken, past is now token
From sulfur and brimstone, a demon awoken

The past is past, the future grim
To care is failure, to love is sin

By what  horrid thing is love replaced
A hollow soul, black and unchaste

A faceless no one birthed this war
With gross deceit  the hymen tore

The phantom, sits in reminiscence
“Belief in love turns me to this…”

O what dark reflections love dost bring…

(Googled Sketch!)

Those Five Little Words… No, Six!


 I thought the human race being the intelligent creatures we are, usually invent and come up with the easiest and shortest ways around  situations!? We got tired of candles, someone invented the light bulb; We got tired of walking, people started coming up with all modes of transportation. In the new age of texting we’ve come up with slangs such as “brb” , “ttyl” and “lol” just so we don’t have to go through the rigors of bogus words and sentences (yawning lazily); Microchips have shrunken to the Nano and so on…. So how is it that a simple 3 word sentence like “I love you” gets to be stretched out to one of 5 or 6 words instead? Well I have a theory…

The Player of the Middle Ages

It turns out that the phrase “fall in love” is  connected to the idea of “falling head over heels,” which was used in the 1300s, and is another term for being struck suddenly by great romantic attraction to someone else. (Excerpt from wisegeek.com)

The key phrase here is “Romantic attraction” people. What is that?! You either love the person or you don’t! Or why not just say “I’m romantically attracted to you”, and quit confusing people? Its all based on chemicals I tell you!

Okay back to the subject matter… my theory of the origin of this appalling modification.

Well there is no easy way for me to say this but if this sentence can actually be linked back to the 1300s then I believe it was coined up by some womanizing Knight, for some unfortunate fair maiden. No, scratch that! More a Troubadour than a Knight…. or maybe he was both.

In his bid to woo this fair lady he will do all he can to win her affection but his honor will not allow him speak those  3 sacred words in deceit. It would be sacrilege! (…maybe he’s a Knight after all)

There’s the option of him saying “I lust you”, but then in an era of chivalry such as his, he has no intention of devaluing the virtue of his one night stand, not verbally anyway. He writes her shams of love letters and poetry telling her how beautiful she is; How the shape of her eyes reminds him of stars and all that jazz, but the player still doesn’t score. This maiden is a hard nut to crack, a challenge, but he will not back down! (…definitely a Knight!)

The situation calls for drastic measures. He now realises how desperately he has to incorporate the sacred words into his libretto or else risk losing out on this conquest. A bulb lights up in his head. Eureka!

(The Victorian Player)

Down on one knee; her hand in his, he speaks the words ….”I am in Love with You”.


The maiden is flustered. She takes the bate all because somewhere in that sentence she hears I, Love and You. Its a happy day for both parties. She goes away feeling that she has the heart of a man now and he goes away with the experience of them doing the nasty somewhere in the woods or perhaps even in a barn.

They probably meet the next day and he pretends like nothing has transpired between them, and when she asks about his words of love he then repeats his statement s-l-o-w-l-y, adding that it was actually a declaration of his “Burning desire”. She really can’t argue with his defense so I’m guessing she ends up throwing herself off a bridge or something… And so birthed the era of damage and heartbreak all because of 5, no, 6 little words. The invention of this lengthier statement has however aided a cult of people since then. Till this very day, in the wrong hands it is one of the most valued weapons used in hurting the vulnerable heart.

Casanova may have got all the credit for being the god father of womanizers but trust me, the faceless individual with the gumption to come up with a sentence so strong, so passionate, so intense would definitely have bagged a whole lot more chicks than dear  Giacomo.

But I think I would have done it even better… Why waste time thinking up new sentences when all you need do is say “I LOVE YOU”, fingers crossed?


“Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your heart, or burn down your house, you can never tell.”

-Joan Crawford