My Forte, Your Attraction…? (dVerse)

Are you aware of me?
Are you aware of the skin of me
r its content, of body or of soul?

Would you rather look or listen?
How do you perceive me
in audio or vision?

What is it about me that strikes you,
is it the fast spoken sentences that run
like water off my tongue?
Do they make sense to you,
are my opinion appreciated?
Or do you just love my tongue?
Do you prefer to watch lush lips as they make

shape at the O’s and accent of every word?
… please don’t stare too long.

Do you like the sound of my giggly laughter?
Does it fill you heart with glee?
speak sincerely
Or is it just the look on my face,
to watch as my bosom heaves at every chuckle?
My head falling back showing my neck
and in that instance your mind and body debate.

What draws you to me, what lures you?
I pray my looks do not overpower my loudity,
Allow it not deceive you,
Hear me and fall in love with me
not my voice alone but the content of me, let
them touch you so whether in lust or in love
should you ever walk away you leave with
me in my verse- Here I will stay forever
perhaps not in your heart but alive in your head…


Pretty Heels

Walking in her pretty heels,
Surety in her stride,
unseen pressure points
and pain hidden that
only translate to varicose veins

Life, one big test- a parlay
To the party, initiated at first breath
Trials giving way to testimony, leading
to testament at death.

Her unfolding story is mine
of boulders crashing down
tempests unresting versus the calm
spectator and actor amidst the rise and falls
A tumultuous mind, groaning existence

Stings ease with each silent scream
Suicide- won’t welcome the hand that
suddenly ends the huddles, the runs,
crashes and burns, the rumps, the bumps
and turns- Puddles of mud laying in front,
…So tired of the jump

Her life- a misty mirror with its many cracks
Tears mapping her yesterday
and in that same distance, trails of
“honey-coated” memories- strengthening
 here and tomorrow, .

Brighter days just up ahead,
Rays soon to pierce through the gloom-
in hope she spurs on
heart focused on a multicolored dawn

Calm waters, sweet sea breeze, blue skies
wind and sea bird cries
the taste of salt, the feel of sand grains
marking her almost naked skin – “a daydream”

In reality, life’s current rages on,
She’s super girl- “S” on her chest,
taking on the world with music in her steps
In her pretty heels, walking life’s yellow brick road,
They still sting yet her expressions will never show.

Really, every woman is an example to me, because as women we go through so much pain. We have to live this perfect life when we are messed up inside. We all go through trials and tribulations.
Mary J. Blige

Child Soldier

Arms weigh upon an innocent chest
  Hands no bigger than my vexing fist
  I vex for  wasted innocence
  Children  of  War, to
  violence  Tabula rasa exposed
  Morbid scenes causing mental overload
Monster turned by circumstance
  Not far long a living seed
  Raped prematurely of compassion,
  No feeling- Not for breasts from which weaned
  less for tears and mercy cries of a stranger
Cold eyes, such beautiful eyes
  turned cold
  Cold heart, what promise once held
  now frozen
  Cold soul...
  Who will drag them in from the cold?
  Who will LOVE and redeem them?
Yet with opened eyes and souls restored
  The weights upon them - heavier than the gun!
  Once violent hearts now grasping "Truth"
  of their wasted innocence
  and futile youth
  Puppets for political gain
  Urchin's past- A tale of pain
  Scarred forever with unbearable shame
 Damned be the Elders, the ones to blame.

 “But if you cause one of these little ones who trusts in me to fall into sin, it would be better for you to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone hung around your neck.”-Mark 9:42

Came WE to play…

First cry to shut eye
At play, “Connecting the dots
Shaping Destiny

Beginning to end
Fitting pieces as we go
Breathing, in “Jigsaws”

A “Mortal Kombat”
With no flawless victories
…then we fade to dust


Its about “PUZZLES” @dVersepoets 🙂 … Hope this piece isn’t too puzzling 😉

Roller Coaster Ride

Stop the earth from quaking
My vision shaking
Heavy breaths I’m taking
As in an orgasm faking


No I’m not in labor
Only in need of a savior
O my seat be still!
Please save me from the maddening thrill!

Ex…  Aww shh…!

Now I’ve got goo on my shoe
Sorry  I barfed all over you
Still swooning through and through
My body considering a part two


Eyes shut tight
Fits of laughter …that’s me screaming
Locked in my vision of night
Praying for the world to quit spinning


Heavy breathing
My blood feverishly seething
Fun drawing to an end and I seek a go at it again
So Panic, …did I pretend?

…Still breathing…

Atmosphere, that’s what its all about tonight at the dVerse bar. I hoped to draw the reader into a world of excitement with this piece… Did it work?! 😉

Cheers! 🙂

Miserable Condition

Life without love is insanity!
Go to a prostitute and FEEL something,
In your bed, cradle her faded affection.
Come morning –  A life without love,
Sinful and Immoral….

I got my material from a book called “POX” written by Deborah Hayden. In the chosen Chapter and Paragraph, she takes a look a the life of Vincent van Gogh– quoting him on matters of the heart amongst other things.

Today’s dVersePoets’ prompt has us rearranging texts  from any literary source into a poetic form – Dadaist Poetry.

Feel free to join in! 🙂


I and the Land of the rising sun, for where lies our connection?
 Simple me, Nigerian born-
 Daughter to the dark continent-
 From the Kukuruku hills-
 Descendant of a sovereign's son
I am "King" in this kingdom
 speak my name and interpret-
 this inheritance one day for marriage I'll forfeit
 Last name will be gone, set sail like the many ships from Otaru's
Yes I am also she, in the Land of the rising Sun,
 "River running through the sandy beaches",
 Sweet sea breeze-
 Waters filled with God's creatures
 Land centuries old, growing population,
 Economy booming from water import-exportation
In the Land of the rising Sun.
 upsy jHome to the known cherry blossom,
 Immovable I sit within Hokkaido's bosom
So I and the Land of the rising sun... Where lies our connection?
 Only a matter of English-
 I am "King" and still "River running through the sandy Beaches"-
 To Asia's East- time and space, To Africa's West- title graced
 I am Lord, I am Earth and Sky
 I am "OTARU"

Thanks Kevin for the Challenge! 🙂

Male Medusa

                                    (Picture culled from

Non-mythical creature that hunts its prey most times the midnight hour
 Lures it home for a nightcap and somewhere in between will say  
"excuse me while I take a shower"
Time passes and by virtue of alcoholic venom his prey relaxes,
 Defense mechanism deactivated - Here is where his chance is!
His deep stare, paralyzing, undressing his victim before his hands do
 Having his wicked way, by morning through - his victim turned to stone 
rests as another trophy on his mental mantle.

Generation “Crimson”

Consider I not the sweet but sour
 my teeth do gnash this late night hour

Sorrow makes the news... a constant reality
 as Love gains distance from humanity

A crimson generation we've become
 No fire works, we prefer guns and exploding bombs

And to what end is all the killing- what creed?
 lives-limbs lost, fulfilling what need?!
She could have been our mother,
 They could have been your kin

... They were!

They are!

I am!

We are!
So whats with all the blood spilling?

...O Love be our volition to find!
 That this generation may regain its title-
(Googled picture)

This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is KINDNESS- Dalai Lama