Whispered Confession

We kiss,
 a dream "We" are made of
 (laying in my lovers arms)
 of  bitter sweet and shear ecstasy
 Jagged  pill- Truth, the noble entity  prophesies,
 Disaster this love will be
Kiss me quickly!
 Chasing away this shadow of reality
 Turn truth to doubt by the closeness of our lips
 Yet this... this...
 the fact that lingers...
 It is not love; it is not lust
 But calculated affection that binds us
 yet is it not safer so, is it not enough?...

An ode to final partings


I loved you then, I love you still my dear Father…


Reminiscing now the chill that day,
Perhaps only internal,
Did winds blow outside? I forget
Gun shots  loud speak salutation to a Hearse,
Winter takes form and makes a place within the home,
Cold winds that did freeze and break the heart
Winter in my heart,
Winter to my touch as I bid farewell…

on NOT raising rapists…

No its not poetry but #Adjustedsails delivers a POWERFUL message here “on NOT raising Rapists”… Enjoy!


“Nobody ever says I wanna be a [RAPIST] when I grow up.” I liked those late ’80s commercials stressing the importance of making early anti-drug decisions by choosing NOT to be a drug-user. As a passionate advocate of abuse prevention, I teach my children, and admonish others to teach their children, NOT to be rapists and NOT to be abusers (sexual, physical, emotional, or otherwise). People usually ask, “How? What’s a practical way?” My response: “Explicitly!” We don’t teach our children much else in vague terms. We don’t JUST say, “Mind your manners.” We say, “Don’t put your elbows on the table.” We don’t JUST say, “Respect others’ things.” We say, “Don’t go upstairs without their permission, or don’t run in their home, or don’t jump on their couch.” Well, I’d much rather your son run across my couch than rape my daughter! Likewise, I’m sure you’d much rather…

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Those hands and lips that did me much pleasure
That tongue that roamed living me in a state of leisure
You were my drug, my dose of ecstasy
In moments passion I look down upon our bodies
joined as one and I crave this eternity

But is it fate for me?
Is it meant to be?
So says fate

“Nay, only futility
Sure sex is sweet fruit yet as candy too much-too bad for the tooth”

The taste of your juice- mouth, skin and down under
The feel of you, my mind and body shudder-I wonder
could you be my thunder?
If so then I seek for it to Rrrain forever!!!
My avenging angel by Eros sent to subdue my cares
momentarily as we mesh undoubtedly in the bosom of ecstasy

bigstock-Love-in-text-15394607I wanting you, you wanting me, this just has to be Lo… Ust!
So where is the Love?
Question that echoes ever so faintly as we fashion our interpretation of “Love”

bigstock-Lust-44528956Please make a way for fate to say we are worthy
To lose you would hurt me
What to do with these feelings that corrupt me
Cursed ’cause I’m craving your body
while true love is on the high seas…

Pretty Heels

Walking in her pretty heels,
Surety in her stride,
unseen pressure points
and pain hidden that
only translate to varicose veins

Life, one big test- a parlay
To the party, initiated at first breath
Trials giving way to testimony, leading
to testament at death.

Her unfolding story is mine
of boulders crashing down
tempests unresting versus the calm
spectator and actor amidst the rise and falls
A tumultuous mind, groaning existence

Stings ease with each silent scream
Suicide- won’t welcome the hand that
suddenly ends the huddles, the runs,
crashes and burns, the rumps, the bumps
and turns- Puddles of mud laying in front,
…So tired of the jump

Her life- a misty mirror with its many cracks
Tears mapping her yesterday
and in that same distance, trails of
“honey-coated” memories- strengthening
 here and tomorrow, .

Brighter days just up ahead,
Rays soon to pierce through the gloom-
in hope she spurs on
heart focused on a multicolored dawn

Calm waters, sweet sea breeze, blue skies
wind and sea bird cries
the taste of salt, the feel of sand grains
marking her almost naked skin – “a daydream”

In reality, life’s current rages on,
She’s super girl- “S” on her chest,
taking on the world with music in her steps
In her pretty heels, walking life’s yellow brick road,
They still sting yet her expressions will never show.

Really, every woman is an example to me, because as women we go through so much pain. We have to live this perfect life when we are messed up inside. We all go through trials and tribulations.
Mary J. Blige

Attraction in a dark room

A meeting, sweet.
Dark room,
flickering lights mingled
with laughter and fright,

We are children again,
Sucked in by the fantasy
of animation in technicolor.

Our guard let down,
Two strangers in the dark,
Popcorn, sweeter when shared.
Together we experience the coaster ride.
..and what a ride!
New friendship exits a luminate room.

Night carries on but again adults we become.
You, the sweetest creature and I, unsure.
Dare I try to peel away your surface?
I may be sucked in!

“Perhaps another life” you once wrote,
Well all so very true,
Thoughts of you,
Thoughts of us,
And then me thinks…
Contentment will have to do…

My Dark Muse (My Muse is Black today!..)

My Muse is Black today!..

She is black today…

She weighs upon my chest
words that make no sense,
Much nonsense put on paper
with the many blip-blips to censor
dark expression flowing from a broken center

My muse damns me to this inspiration,
Choke-filled with life’s putrid manifestation
Vexed from the stings of bites not felt
yet heard and seen…

I am ANGRY! because its Death for breakfast,
War and Anarchy! My pain is palpable- come- cut,
taste with me- This muse is ours,
Awakenings to life’s woes she showers us constantly

Even in the comfort of home, exposed
by the media drawing my attention to the next bomb
that explodes, Reports of wars-disasters and poverty
Oops! This just in, more fatalities…
Fake- ass governments and their bullshit policies,
Resolute terrorists making God seem the enemy…

Her essence causing these scales fall- BUT resiliently,
For lies will always be sweeter than honesty, now
lying naked to the truth and left questioning,
Existence!… is it Hell or is it Purgatory?


I smile as I see your face in my wallet…
Traces of you that had begun to fade
and as I am reminded
Sadness drapes over me-thick
curtains at the Epiphany…
” I lost you that day, most certainly”

I stare a little longer
The portal to your soul giving
life to you portrait,
Your eyes beaming back at me,
I hear your laughter- Deep,
Commanding… Gentle,
I breathe a sigh with eyes closed
and hold you in my mental.

2 years you’ve been gone, it feels like 3
Death was cruel to snatch you from me,
Each year passes bringing its distance
Your birthday last year… forgive me, I missed it 😦
But it doesn’t mean you are lost to me
Neither are you forgotten,
‘Just wish I didn’t have to depend on a picture,
I’d rather stare at you in person!

Deeply  embedded you are in my history
The foundation of my family tree…
To forget you Papa… would be to forget me.
So I’ll hold on to your pictures and be reminded
In hope that at journey’s end we’ll be reunited

Your daughter

My Teeth

peuf_20130304_133.jpgNo teeth
 Fresh and Innocent
 The only lingo I know
Milk teeth
 A little rascal
 The curious cat
 Quickly building vocab
Permanent teeth
 Imperfect and flawed
 Yet quite the lady
 Expression discovered
 through a pseudonym
False teeth
 Aging nicely... I hope!
 Still repping Festival King
 Gathered experience births
 wisdom flavoured words
No teeth
 Six feet under
 My testament left behind
 A time capsule
 Festival King still alive
To bloggers long after I'm gone:
 Welcome! 🙂
 Glad you found me
 You need not follow
 But do feel free to like at will 😉

Its about Time on dVerse tonight! 🙂

Thanks for the prompt Mary! 😉

Cheers! 🙂

Blogging, Broadcasting and Christ

When I first started my blogs I never realized just how many people would get to read my posts, neither did I consider the sort of people that would come across my messages. Today however, was an eye opener to that reality.

People from all facets of life will read your stuff and if you make enough sense the usual case is that they get impacted with some form of entertainment, encouragement or inspiration. They will leave comments telling you how wonderful your post was or how touched they were by your message or even use one of your posts as a reference. Its a good feeling, the attention, but what happens when you start getting it from a crowd you never expected?

One of my latest posts got a pingback from a blog site today. On getting the notification I clicked on the link only to realize that I had stepped into a world absolutely different from mine. Its okay when you get on your blog and see that your blog post was liked by “your kind of people” or that they were touched by your ideas and opinion, but what do you do when your message is applauded by someone you have always considered different from you? I can’t go into detail as to what makes this person different, but my guess is that you have a few ideas relating to what I’m going on about.

Anyway, I saw the blog and noticed that my article had been made reference to in one of the blog posts. My first reaction was to trash the comment, but then something in my head or maybe my heart stopped me.  This all happened while I was at the office so I really didn’t have time to fully assess the situation. After quick deliberation I finally decided to spam it for a time, at least until I was sure about my convictions. Meanwhile, I had been receiving this broadcast from friends on my blackberry network all day saying:

Hello, I am Jesus Christ,u hardly have time for me. I love You and always bless you.I am always with You. Today I want this message across the world before midnight, please do not cut it and I’ll help you with something that you are in need of.

I’m sorry,  I love Christ and all and I RRRREALLY do, but why some people try to make him look like some sort of sales person or item is beyond me! I feel broadcasts like this one just belittles the image of my Lord and Saviour.

So what does this have to do with my initial story? A lot!

Me not rebroadcasting that message had got me feeling a little uneasy from the moment I started receiving it. I felt irritated and yet just because the message bore the name Jesus Christ in it, I was filled with guilt for not wanting to follow the B.B re-broadcasting horde. “Don’t I love Jesus enough?” I thought to myself. Then the blog issue hit! Whether or not I would accept this blogger’s comment on my page would be a test of my faith.

The sense of guilt seemed only to increase when I decided I wouldn’t delete the comment. “O so you’d rather have funny people on your blog, but rebroadcasting a message about Jesus is an issue huh?”. I wondered how Jesus saw me at that time.

At home I took my time to read this persons blog, and though their opinion and way of life is FAR DIFFERENT from mine, I could see how my message might have helped through certain feelings and emotion. It was then I realized, “your kind of people” or not, its all about making a positive contribution to a “LIFE”. Loving your neighbor as yourself and bringing peace and joy to others, isn’t that what being christian is all about?

I decided to reach out to this person and apologize for my initial reaction to their comment because in the end its all about practicing what you preach… I preach Love and acceptance, judging not so that I too will not be judged.

My final take. You can broadcast or rebroadcast messages about Christ a million and one times believing that this is your contribution to the christian race , but if your message only tends to scare, irritate or even put people on a spiritual guilt trip then maybe you need to re-think your strategy on how to draw lost sheep to The Father and Son. Its not about selling him as an idea but becoming more like him in spirit and person, that others may see and draw near.

Let your actions, thoughts and behavior speak louder than your broadcasts…