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What My Preacher Taught Me

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Its been a while and although  I have soooomuch material I am yet to publish in this space of mine, I have today a word that was impressed upon my heart and that I would just LOVE to share with you.

I know a lot of us go through the challenge of guilt, the past is never truly forgotten. Lately I have begun a new transition in my faith- No, I’m not becoming a pastor or anything but I have decided for a tighter relationship with my maker. Anyway, it so happens that recently I was basking in the beauty of my renewed relationship with Christ when I let my guilt get the best of me and off I went on a pity party!

“How can I call myself a child of God with all the baggage in my past?”

Why do we do that to ourselves?!…

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Pretty Heels

Walking in her pretty heels,
Surety in her stride,
unseen pressure points
and pain hidden that
only translate to varicose veins

Life, one big test- a parlay
To the party, initiated at first breath
Trials giving way to testimony, leading
to testament at death.

Her unfolding story is mine
of boulders crashing down
tempests unresting versus the calm
spectator and actor amidst the rise and falls
A tumultuous mind, groaning existence

Stings ease with each silent scream
Suicide- won’t welcome the hand that
suddenly ends the huddles, the runs,
crashes and burns, the rumps, the bumps
and turns- Puddles of mud laying in front,
…So tired of the jump

Her life- a misty mirror with its many cracks
Tears mapping her yesterday
and in that same distance, trails of
“honey-coated” memories- strengthening
 here and tomorrow, .

Brighter days just up ahead,
Rays soon to pierce through the gloom-
in hope she spurs on
heart focused on a multicolored dawn

Calm waters, sweet sea breeze, blue skies
wind and sea bird cries
the taste of salt, the feel of sand grains
marking her almost naked skin – “a daydream”

In reality, life’s current rages on,
She’s super girl- “S” on her chest,
taking on the world with music in her steps
In her pretty heels, walking life’s yellow brick road,
They still sting yet her expressions will never show.

Really, every woman is an example to me, because as women we go through so much pain. We have to live this perfect life when we are messed up inside. We all go through trials and tribulations.
Mary J. Blige

Child Soldier

Arms weigh upon an innocent chest
  Hands no bigger than my vexing fist
  I vex for  wasted innocence
  Children  of  War, to
  violence  Tabula rasa exposed
  Morbid scenes causing mental overload
Monster turned by circumstance
  Not far long a living seed
  Raped prematurely of compassion,
  No feeling- Not for breasts from which weaned
  less for tears and mercy cries of a stranger
Cold eyes, such beautiful eyes
  turned cold
  Cold heart, what promise once held
  now frozen
  Cold soul...
  Who will drag them in from the cold?
  Who will LOVE and redeem them?
Yet with opened eyes and souls restored
  The weights upon them - heavier than the gun!
  Once violent hearts now grasping "Truth"
  of their wasted innocence
  and futile youth
  Puppets for political gain
  Urchin's past- A tale of pain
  Scarred forever with unbearable shame
 Damned be the Elders, the ones to blame.

 “But if you cause one of these little ones who trusts in me to fall into sin, it would be better for you to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone hung around your neck.”-Mark 9:42

Came WE to play…

First cry to shut eye
At play, “Connecting the dots
Shaping Destiny

Beginning to end
Fitting pieces as we go
Breathing, in “Jigsaws”

A “Mortal Kombat”
With no flawless victories
…then we fade to dust


Its about “PUZZLES” @dVersepoets 🙂 … Hope this piece isn’t too puzzling 😉

Roller Coaster Ride

Stop the earth from quaking
My vision shaking
Heavy breaths I’m taking
As in an orgasm faking


No I’m not in labor
Only in need of a savior
O my seat be still!
Please save me from the maddening thrill!

Ex…  Aww shh…!

Now I’ve got goo on my shoe
Sorry  I barfed all over you
Still swooning through and through
My body considering a part two


Eyes shut tight
Fits of laughter …that’s me screaming
Locked in my vision of night
Praying for the world to quit spinning


Heavy breathing
My blood feverishly seething
Fun drawing to an end and I seek a go at it again
So Panic, …did I pretend?

…Still breathing…

Atmosphere, that’s what its all about tonight at the dVerse bar. I hoped to draw the reader into a world of excitement with this piece… Did it work?! 😉

Cheers! 🙂

Attraction in a dark room

A meeting, sweet.
Dark room,
flickering lights mingled
with laughter and fright,

We are children again,
Sucked in by the fantasy
of animation in technicolor.

Our guard let down,
Two strangers in the dark,
Popcorn, sweeter when shared.
Together we experience the coaster ride.
..and what a ride!
New friendship exits a luminate room.

Night carries on but again adults we become.
You, the sweetest creature and I, unsure.
Dare I try to peel away your surface?
I may be sucked in!

“Perhaps another life” you once wrote,
Well all so very true,
Thoughts of you,
Thoughts of us,
And then me thinks…
Contentment will have to do…

Broken goddess

Slipping into his skin ...
 Her kicking and screaming won't wake him
 "Mr Hyde"  overtakes him- Beast let loose
 by fermented hops and barley juice,
 Man's wasted form he puts to use - Woman's
 fragile form left to feel the sting of his abuse
Gin and green fairies tonight, one too many
 No green eyed monsters to cause the Angst
 that ends in Violence- No its not jealousy,
 Just 48 to 75 percent alcoholic
 influence, liquid content only!
Distilled liquids letting him slip from reality
 Spirits giving him a false sense of immortality- Allowing
 uninhibited movements of his fists and feet across her body
 ...She left wondering "was it him or was it me?"

Dear Broken goddess, beaten black and blue, Yeah, that’s right! I’m talking to you! Be of courage and stop being the victim! Become the wiser – Break away from the system! You want love but why settle for a drunken woman beater?! walk away and allow yourself be loved by someone millions better!



Drowning in ourselves,
  Success fattening our ego,
  Vanity- the unseen cloak,
Clutched by Pride, Now "Self"
  calls to "Wisdom"- She echoes
  "Love thyself in infant steps"

Its about “The Sedoka” at the dVerse Poets (A poetic form native to Japan)…  “Form for All: The Princess’ Poem to her Secret Love”

Cheers! 🙂


My Dark Muse (My Muse is Black today!..)

My Muse is Black today!..

She is black today…

She weighs upon my chest
words that make no sense,
Much nonsense put on paper
with the many blip-blips to censor
dark expression flowing from a broken center

My muse damns me to this inspiration,
Choke-filled with life’s putrid manifestation
Vexed from the stings of bites not felt
yet heard and seen…

I am ANGRY! because its Death for breakfast,
War and Anarchy! My pain is palpable- come- cut,
taste with me- This muse is ours,
Awakenings to life’s woes she showers us constantly

Even in the comfort of home, exposed
by the media drawing my attention to the next bomb
that explodes, Reports of wars-disasters and poverty
Oops! This just in, more fatalities…
Fake- ass governments and their bullshit policies,
Resolute terrorists making God seem the enemy…

Her essence causing these scales fall- BUT resiliently,
For lies will always be sweeter than honesty, now
lying naked to the truth and left questioning,
Existence!… is it Hell or is it Purgatory?

Miserable Condition

Life without love is insanity!
Go to a prostitute and FEEL something,
In your bed, cradle her faded affection.
Come morning –  A life without love,
Sinful and Immoral….

I got my material from a book called “POX” written by Deborah Hayden. In the chosen Chapter and Paragraph, she takes a look a the life of Vincent van Gogh– quoting him on matters of the heart amongst other things.

Today’s dVersePoets’ prompt has us rearranging texts  from any literary source into a poetic form – Dadaist Poetry.

Feel free to join in! 🙂